Introduction to DBMS

DBMS stands for Database Management System.
To start learn DBMS, first we learn about some basics.

What is database?

  • To understand database we must know first about data ," data means known facts that can be recorded and have implicit meanings. "
  • And a "database is a collection or group of inter-related data. "
  • database represents some aspect of the real word.
  • For example ,consider data of a bank accounts. here,all the data - id,name,address,contact no - interrelated.so,they represent some particular customer.
  • so , database is some kind of collection of data.

What is database management system?

  • A database management system is a collection of inter-related data and a set of programs to manipulate those data.
  • database management system stores data in such a way that it becomes easier to retrieve, manipulate, and produce information.
  • Data manipulation consist various operation like store data, modify data, remove data, retrieve that data.
  • So, DBMS = Database + Set of programs
  • It also provide security or safety against system crashes.

What is database environment?

  • A database system provides basic functionalities like storage,manipulation and use of data.
  • It have four major components of the database system which forms the database system environment.
    1. Data
    2. Hardware
    3. Software
    4. Users
database environment

1. Data

  • It is most important component of database system.
  • Data means known facts which can be recorded and have implicit meaning.

2. Hardware

  • All physical module of a computer are referred as hardware.
  • Such as memory, mouse, hard disk, printer, etc.

3. Software

  • Software provides interconnection between users and database stored in physical devices.
  • The operating system manages all hardware of the computer.
  • DBMS software and operating system form the sofware component here.

4. Users

  • Any person who interacts with a database in any form is consider as database user
  • categories of the database user:
    1. Database administrator
    2. Database designers
    3. Application programmers
    4. End users

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what are the responsibilities of DBA and the database designers?

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