Functions and responsibilities of DBAs

DBA: person in the organization who controls the design and the use of the database refers as DBA.

1. Schema Definition:

  • The DBA definition the logical Schema of the database.A Schema refers to the overall logical structure of the database.
  • According to this schema, database will be developed to store required data for an organization.

2. Storage Structure and Access Method Definition:

  • The DBA decides how the data is to be represented in the stored database.

3. Assisting Application Programmers:

  • The DBA provides assistance to application programmers to develop application programs.

4. Physical Organization Modification:

  • The DBA modifies the physical organization of the database to reflext the changing needs of the organization or to improve performance.

5. Approving Data Access:

  • The DBA determines which user needs access to which part of the database.
  • According to this,various types of authorizations are granted to different users.

6. Monitoring Performance:

  • The DBA monitors performance of the system.The DBA ensures that better performance is maintained by making changes in physical or logical schema if required.

7. Backup and Recovery:

  • Database should not be lost or damaged.
  • The DBA ensures this periodically backing up the database on magnetic tapes or remote servers.
  • In case of failure, such as virus attack database is recovered from this backup.

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