Various Definitions related to database

What is Data?

  • Data means known facts, which can be recorded and implicit meaning. data is  also a collection of facts and figures.

What is Information?

  • Information means processed or organized data.which can be drived from data and facts.

What is Data-Item (field)?

  • It is a character or group of characters that has a specific meaning.
  • For Example, cid, cname from customer table

What is record?

  • It is a collection of logically related fields.
  • And we also say that record consists of values for ech field.

What is file?

  • It is a collection related records.which arranged in a specific sequence.

What is metadata?

  • Set of data that describes and gives information about another data.
  • in other words, data about data is called metadate.
  • Example is given table below for metadata.
name type size
student name VARCHAR2 20

What is System Catalog?

  • The system catalog is a collection of tables and views that contain important information about a database. A system catalog is available for each database.

What is data warehouse?

  • A data warehouse is a decision support database that is maintained separately from the organization's operational database.

What is data dictionary?

  • data dictionary is a file that contains metadata that is usually a part of the system catalog.
  • It have following for components:
    1. Entities
    2. Attributes
    3. Relationships
    4. Key

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