In C language, arrays are reffered to as structured data types. An array is defined as finite ordered collection of homogenous data, stored in contiguous memory locations.

Here the words,

  • finite means data range must be defined.
  • ordered means data must be stored in continuous memory addresses.
  • homogenous means data must be of similar data type.

Example where arrays are used,

  • to store list of Employee or Student names,
  • to store marks of a students,
  • or to store list of numbers or characters etc.

Since arrays provide an easy way to represent data, it is classified amongst the data structures in C. Other data structures in c are structurelistsqueues and trees. Array can be used to represent not only simple list of data but also table of data in two or three dimensions.

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Parth Satasiya | 09-Jun-2016 05:17:06 pm

How to store Array???

Jhon | 25-Oct-2018 08:21:34 pm

Hy, I have found an amazing article on arrays in C. Just read this Arrays in C Programming

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