CPP Destructor


  • Destructor is a special class function which destroys the object as soon as the scope of object ends.
  • The destructor is called automatically by the compiler when the object goes out of scope.
  • The syntax for destructor is same as that for the constructor, the class name is used for the name of destructor, with a tilde ~ sign as prefix to it.


class A

Destructors will never have any arguments.


#include <iostream>

class Line
 void setLength( double len );
 double getLength( void );
 Line(); // This is the constructor declaration
 ~Line(); // This is the destructor: declaration
 double length;

// Member functions definitions including constructor
 cout << "Object is being created" << endl;
 cout << "Object is being deleted" << endl;
void Line::setLength( double len )
 length = len;
double Line::getLength( void )
 return length;
// Main function for the program

void main( )
 Line line;
 // set line length
 cout << "Length of line : " << line.getLength() <<endl;


Object is being created
Length of line : 6
Object is being deleted

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